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Worthless Check Unit - Common Questions

Who is eligible to use this service?
Any person who has receives a worthless check while transacting business in Madison County is eligible. Merchants in other counties should contact their local District Attorney’s office.

What is the cost for this service?
This is a free service for the merchant/victim who turns over the worthless check to our office.

Can a warrant be issued on checks where I receive partial payment?
Once you accept partial payment, the law prevents criminal prosecution. If you accept payment once you have turned the check over to the WCU, you will be assessed a $30 warrant withdrawal fee.

How can I find out the status of a worthless check?
You may phone, fax or mail the Worthless Check Unit (WCU) your request for information on a check's status. Please allow 6-8 weeks to elapse before making an inquiry.

How long will it take to receive restitution after the check writer pays the WCU?
After the check writer pays the restitution, the WCU will mail a check to the merchant the following month.

What happens if the check writer fails to pay restitution?
If the check writer does not respond to the WCU within 10 days from the date the notice was sent to them or fails to comply with a restitution agreement, a warrant for their arrest will be served. Following the arrest, a court date will be set.

When should I expect restitution payment after the worthless check writer is arrested?

After the check writer is arrested and appears in court, restitution will be collected and distributed by the District Court Clerk's Office.

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