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Child Support Division 

The Child Support Division of the Madison County District Attorney’s Office is under contract with the Alabama Department of Human Resources to provide the following legal services involving child support: establishment of paternity; establishment of an order of support; to seek modification of an existing order; establish and/or enforce a medical support obligation; and establishment of an income withholding order on all child support cases.

We can register and enforce a support order from other states if the non-custodial parent now resides in Madison County, Alabama. We prosecute cases for non-support and are able to collect the current child support along with payments toward the arrears through income withholding, garnishments, liens, and tax offset. We are not, by contract, allowed to deal with issues of custody and/or visitation.

To have the Office of the District Attorney, Child Support Division, handle a case a person must first apply for services through the Department of Human Resources, Child Support Division which then refers the case to our office.

To contact DHR, their number is 256-427-6100. They are located at 2206 Oakwood Avenue, Huntsville, AL 35801.

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REAL MEN (and sometimes women) PAY REAL CHILD SUPPORT

Madison County District Attorney's Office

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