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Veteran Services

The Madison County Veterans Court Program 
The program is a diversionary program designed specifically for veterans of the United States Armed Forces who have been charged with criminal offenses in Madison County.  It is typically a twelve month program requiring monthly court appearances, meetings with mentors, and compliance with requirements such as color code and mental health treatment.  The program further serves to aid participants in their efforts to pursue education, employment, housing, and any applicable service related benefits.  The program operates at no cost to participants, and results in charges being dismissed upon successful completion of the program.
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In order to participate in the program, defendants must complete an application with approval from the ADA assigned to their specific case.  In the application, they must provide an admission regarding the circumstances leading to their arrest, a detailed statement regarding their service in our Armed Forces, and, if applicable, any mental health diagnoses and treatment.  Along with the application, defendants must submit a copy of their DD Form 214 and any applicable medical records. 
We have made recent adjustments to the program allowing for provisional admission of applicants who find themselves unable to readily obtain a DD Form 214.  For more information or assistance, please contact Assistant District Attorney Emily Carroll at 256-532-3460.

Veterans Court Application

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