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Pre-Trial Intervention Unit

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This diversion program was established for first time, non-violent offenders charged with any offense in the Alabama Criminal Code except those crimes which are Class A felonies or those crimes which result in serious bodily injury to the victim. PTIP offers certain defendants the opportunity to take responsibility for their actions, pay their debts to their victim and rehabilitate themselves through various individually-tailored corrective programs. Defendants must meet certain stringent eligibility requirements before being considered for the program and then must be recommended by the prosecutor after consultation with the victim. If all those conditions are met, the final step is to submit an application and fee and receive approval from the PTIP Director. Once accepted into PTIP, defendants must successfully complete all requirements of the program, which include reporting to the PTIP Director once a month for up to 24 months, completing a counseling program, paying all restitution, court costs and attorney fees, and maintaining gainful employment, among other things. Upon successful completion, defendants are eligible to have their case dismissed by the District Attorney’s Office. Failure to complete the Program will result in the continuation of charges and prosecution of the case in court.
Criteria for Eligibility includes:
1. Must not have more than one prior felony conviction.
2. Must admit guilt.
3. Must be at least 18 years old.
4. Must not be charged with a Class A felony or a crime involving serious injury or death to a person.

In addition, the defendant must not have any outstanding traffic citations or fines; other pending charges; or outstanding worthless checks. For more information or to receive an application packet, contact Allison Lee at 532-3460.

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