The Investigative Unit of the Madison County District Attorney's Office consists of eight highly-trained law enforcement agents with an average of 20 years of service. Each investigator is APOST-certified (Alabama Police Officer Standards Training) and assigned to a specialized unit, working closely with the prosecutors in the preparation of cases for trial. The training received by our investigators covers the gamut of law enforcement expertise from computer forensics to homicide investigations to firearms instruction to investigating child sexual abuse. Two of our investigators have been recognized as State Investigator of the Year by the Alabama District Attorney’s Association. Every Investigator provides security for the District Attorney and his Assistant District Attorneys and staff.
Jim Cook, Chief Investigator
Jermaine Nettles, Criminal Investigator, Asset Forfeiture and Restitution Recovery Unit
Harry Renfroe, Criminal Investigator
Howard Turner, Criminal Investigator
Michael Leftwich, Criminal Investigator
Kerry Robinson, Criminal Investigator
Brad Arnette, Digital Forensics Investigator
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